New Pedagogies In and Out of the Literature Classroom (Panel)

Pedagogy & Professional

Josephine McQuail (Tennessee Technological University)

Immersive learning, active learning, creative inquiry: all these terms are used to describe innovative pedagogies. What are some techniques that have worked for you in or out of the classroom? How to you get funding for active learning strategies that take students out of the classroom? What challenges do you see with promoting active learning or alternative pedagogies in today's universities, and in the future?
Immersive learning (IL), active learning, and creative inquiry are all terms used to describe innovative pedagogies. Combining disciplines, like history or art with literature, is another approach that crosses traditional learning boundaries, usually involving another faculty. IL is most invoked in foreign language learning but can also be useful in invoking an historical background or the feeling of a particular place. Price can prove one obstacle of such innovations: How do you pay two people for teaching one class? Travel? Another can be difficulties crossing disciplinary boundaries or tension with your collaborator. This roundtable offers an opportunity to compare notes and surmount obstacles while pondering new and challenging pedagogies.