Rhizomatic and Multicentered Approaches in Creative Research Praxes (Panel)

Cultural Studies and Media Studies / Interdisciplinary Humanities

Noah Phillips (University of Denver)

Rhizomatic and multicentered approaches in creative and/or research practices or praxes grow increasingly important as we recognize the interconnectivity of the world and experience its reverberations. This session focuses primarily on how multicentering informs practices of artmaking, and creative research, recognizing also that multicentering is a means of increasing the marginal and peripheral, and between-ness. We are specifically interested in practices that combine both creativity and rigor, examinations of posthuman/anthropocene relationships in and with the more-than-human world.

With an eye for ways of enacting rhizomatic and nomadic, intra-action and entanglement, the “stitch” (Kember & Zylinska via cárdenas) and prismatics - pointing the way toward adaptation to a world that demands and longs for these approaches.

As a macro- or meta- phenomena, interconnectivity touches multiple disciplines in important ways. This likewise manifests in various theories and praxes including art and writing, poetry, text, video, and other inter- and trans- mediatic and disciplinary forms. (Inter)related topics might include: ecological and systems thinking/theory, deconstructivist/generative approaches, non-hierarchical considerations, simultaneity and superimposition, collage and montage strategies, thinking/feeling/acting/making poethically, collaboration and dialogical approaches, and internet/network cultures, to name but a few.

We seek artists, writers, researchers, and educators who work in/with multi-part formats which embrace complexity (and even paradox), and expand potentials. Seeking to put things in “affective proximity” (Akomfrah via Jafa), juxtaposing ideas, images, from different contexts, this proximity opening up spaces for (re)discovery.

The session itself will model intra-action and simultaneity by bringing together kindred spirits who embody this ideology through their written, oral, aural, and/or visual aesthetic, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, sound and video work, digital animation, photography, performance, pedagogy, sculpture, and any and all hybrids in-between, in an environment receptive to interaction, experimentation, and a lively, imaginative, generative exchange of ideas.

This seminar welcomes perspectives on and experiences of multicentering/multicentricity in creative research practices to explore ways in which multicentricity, rhizomatics, and intra-action inform creative research practices, and how these strategies aid in reinventing the relationships between the elements involved.