Publishing Mentorship (GSC Session) (Roundtable)

Pedagogy & Professional

Samadrita Kuiti (University of Connecticut-Storrs)

Elizabeth Laughlin (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

The “publish or perish” mantra in academia intimidates and baffles graduate students in equal measure at different stages in their careers. Too often, there is neither enough discussion nor adequate support available at the departmental level to help graduate students navigate the opaque process of revising a conference-length paper into a publishable manuscript.

Thus, this GSC-sponsored roundtable aims to offer a robust discussion on strategies and best practices for converting a graduate seminar paper or a conference paper into a full-length research article. We particularly hope that graduate students, early career academics, and precariously employed researchers will benefit significantly from this roundtable. We highly encourage proposals from mid- to late-stage graduate students and early career researchers (ECR) who have either already published in academic journals, as well as from graduate students and ECR who have experience working as editorial staff or even editors at reputed journals within the broad spectrum of the humanities, cultural studies, & social sciences. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

How to address peer reviewer comments

How to find a target journal or publication platform

Navigating open access & graduate student journals

From submission to publication: estimated timelines

What does the publishing process look like from a journal’s point of view?

Books, resources, support systems that can help with drafting & revisions

Missteps to avoid for your first journal article

What can editorial staff do better to support ECR?

Please submit proposals of 200-250 words, with a bio of at most 100 words, on how you intend to address one or more of the talking points above.

This is a GSC-sponsored session proposal. Non-GSC officers may be tapped to be co-chairs.

A GSC-run session offering a robust discussion on journal article writing & academic publishing for graduate students & early-career researchers.