Muslims in America (Seminar)

American/Diaspora / Cultural Studies and Media Studies

Syed Hassan Abidi (Monmouth University)

The panel intends to explore the depiction of Muslim American identity across various discourses and works of Muslim American authors, filmmakers, novelists, and musicians who draw upon such identities. The diverse emergence of Muslim American identity calls for insights that examine such identities depicted in various forms of text and talk. Keeping in context the theme of NeMLA’s 54th convention “resilience” the session draws on the theoretical underpinnings of Edward Said’s notion of Orientalism in order to further investigate discursive constructions of Muslim identities along with various discourses and the role Muslim Americans play in shaping these identities. As the issues of language, representation, and belongingness in the lives of Muslim Americans play a pivotal role in their expression to represent their identity, the panelists might consider how such themes can be further explored.
The session intends to invite submissions that explore the themes of Muslim American identities and their issues of representation, belongingness, and discursive construction of their identities in the mainstream discourses of text and talk.