Ezra Pound, Modernists, and Resilience (Panel)

American/Diaspora / Comparative Literature

Jeff Grieneisen (State College of Florida)

Ezra Pound is a literary figure who remains embroiled in controversy, yet his contributions to the field of literature are unmistakable. It is imperative that we continue to study Pound, both his work and his influence on other literary figures. Due to continued controversies in his personal and poetic lives, Pound continued with the goal of preserving and recording historical and cultural practices through poetry and of promoting the work of other poets. This panel seeks papers that address the conference theme of Ezra Pound and resilience, addressing the ways in which he persisted despite obstacles (even self-imposed ones) in this pursuit of poetics. Papers might also explore the resilience of Pound contemporaries, such as fellow imagists and/or vorticists, or examine the resilience of Poundian poetic philosophies as they continue to shape contemporary poetry.

This panel explores the ways in which Ezra Pound demonstrates resilience as he moved the world’s literary landscape in his early years, continued to write and teach despite his incarceration in his middle to later years, and as his work continues to influence the poetics of writers today.